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                日期:2017-05-06    浏览量:6529

                Wenzhou Civil Service Baotuan to participate in the Netherlands Valve World Expo

                Has always been good at Baotuan combat Wenzhou private enterprises have new moves. Following the Xiefu enterprises, a number of outstanding valve enterprises, "Wenzhou Corps," is preparing for the exhibition held in early November in the Netherlands Valve World Expo, aimed at the international market as a whole started Wenzhou valve brand.
                    "Valve World" Expo is a worldwide professional valve exhibition, the industry's influential professional magazine Netherlands "Valve World" and its parent company KCI Group since 1998, held every two years. "Valve World" Expo exhibition scale is not great, but because of its highly professional, in the world and only one, its influence is unparalleled. Each exhibition attracted the world's valve industry giants exhibitors and national professional businessmen to visit. In order to use this brand exhibition to enhance the overall level of Wenzhou valve industry, the city in November 2006, the first organization of more than 20 Wenzhou valve enterprises to the Netherlands exhibitors, received good results.

                    According to the specific responsible for the activities of the Wenzhou Municipal CCPIT relevant person in charge, compared to the previous session, the Wenzhou enterprises exhibitors more enthusiastic, exhibitors participating enterprises have nearly 100, now has a visa procedures for enterprises More than 30, the implementation of the booth more than 400 square meters. Like China Jiangnan Valve Co., Ltd., Bethel Valve Co., Ltd., China Bao Group and other leading enterprises, are the second joint Baotuan exhibitors. They believe that, compared with the international advanced valve enterprises, Wenzhou private enterprises, regardless of product technology content and brand influence, have a lot of gaps, with the team strength, you can participate in the Wenzhou valve enterprises started regional brand, attract more International vision, in the international market share a cup of soup.


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